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You're Heart, I feel it. It's so... mmmmm ...Decadent.








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Our Main Attraction

A Joyous, Shamelessly Personal Enchanted Journey to clarify & claim your hearts desires. 

This way to Happily Ever After

& Lover, Happily Ever After's just the Beginning

Join us in our "Happy Endings" course, we'll get you ready for everything you dream of - a real live Wonderland.

Crafted to cover what you need to Heal, Consider, Grow & Claim in order to abandon your fears & Own Your Magic, Wonderland's our 6-month fully online course centred completely around YOU.

We start with the end in mind - "Happy Endings". It's our 4-week online course. We'll explore all the things that matter in life. Then build up. We've been on this adventure; We live in Wonderland, & we're never leaving.



*Happy Endings is our recommended First Step in creating a life you Stand for.


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Become Who You Already Are Inside

A Beautiful Web

How We Found Our Way HOME.

Authenticity. Relationships. Timelessness. Courage. Happiness.



WE Explore WE Discover WE  Claim WE Celebrate





Have all the Fulfillment & Comfort a Creature could Want. 
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Wanna Try Hypnosis

The gift of Rest

BodyZen Hypnosis Audio

A no strings attached MP3 file you can privately download & use at your convenience on your device.

By downloading this audio you agree to NEVER drive while using it and assume responsibility for your own safety.

Use BodyZen on days you need extra grounding.

At the end of the audio, you'll be guided fully back into your day grounded

To benefit from BodyZen, just open your mind as if you're staring at white clouds in a blue sky on a warm summer day & listen. The audio's 40 minutes long.

You're Welcome.

Download HERE

...& sometimes, we want it ALL.

Have Everything You Want

We host a high touch support group for humans in leadership roles who Want It ALL.

The group is intimate and in person for optimal growth & indulgence.

We'll unravel your deepest desires & get you on the path to your own divine legacy.

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"Jamie is a breath of fresh air in a world of inauthentic stuffiness. ... My experience with Jamie far exceeded any expectation I could have had. Working with her made me feel comfortable ... . Jamie is nurturing and extremely self-aware, a wonderful balance of a protective mother bear and a fierce wolf that provides accountability. She has forever impacted my life in a positive way and I look forward to working with her again."

Isa Bailey

"I found Jamie completely by accident. I had just moved from the other side of the country, and I was living a life that I was so utterly and completely dissatisfied with. Having the privilege to have Jamie in my life turned it upside down, in a good way; she is a breath of fresh air, and an amazing wealth of knowledge. She spoke in a way that always made me think, she got my brain in gear, and seeing things as if I had never seen them before, and things that I had been feeling started to make sense. With her gentle spirit, she coaxed out my fears and kept me safe while she showed me how small they were in the grand scheme of life, MY life. Jamie is an exceptional woman, and it is obvious that she wants nothing but to help others, to help them help themselves, and she makes sure she has the knowledge & experience to do it right. Thank you Jamie for striving for greatness so you can offer your gift!"

Joanna Gadjos

"You lead me through the dark and the pain and brought me to the light! I see it now and I know the work I must do to continue forwards. For that, I am eternally grateful!! Like the parachute on the card, my parachute is open now too and it’s up to me to control that now. I see my countless blessings more and more clearly each day as I feel myself “rising from all the ashes”. I wish I had pages and pages to write how extraordinary a person you are, most of all I want to say THANK YOU!!"

Grower Of Wings

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