The 4 Jewels of Wonderland

Courses to Help You Own Your Magic


This company, The Truffle Box, hosts two Journeys created by world-class Hypnotist Jamie Sullivan: Happy Endings & Wonderland.



*Information about these 2 courses below.

Welcome to Wonderland

Where you'll finally get to rest in your own glory & you're not only encouraged, but taught HOW to claim ALL that you are. Live all in. We dare you.

In Order to Find Your Way in this Real-Life Fairy-Tale, thru the Dark & thru the Light one Must...

First, "Believe".

Be released from one size fits all fairy tales & understand true happiness is as unique as you.

Explore the seas of your mind & claim your Happy Ending. 

Embark on this adventure and earn mindset shifts that'll ensure your peace of mind forevermore.

Second, "Discover".

Courage & fear have long been lovers. Get this and savor a new way of living. Replace will & control with trust & grace.

Like snowflakes falling from a moonlit sky, experience the comfort & warmth of the dark side.

Third, "See".

Own & celebrate your unique glory on this precious ride of a true-to-you life.

Being you, no matter what's happening in your life, is like having the wind soothe your soul on a wild autumn day: Decadent & Delicious.

...& Finally, "Know".

Knowing you're enough is the alchemy that gives our wings flight. Knowing it in your bones is liberation. 

Feel the freedom of being able to walk away from your past with peaceful gratitude and into your future with acceptance & grace.

Transform Your Life into a Captivating Oasis

A Journey made of two courses, "Happy Endings" & "Wonderland", this adventure'll help you burst into your own real-life fairy tale. Our journeys centered around 4 Jewels of Life: Fulfillment, Truth, Authenticity & Time. 

Instead of a game of Snakes and Ladders, where you keep trying to climb the ladders but instead slide down the snake, we abandon the game altogether and focus on YOU.

This healing Journey's taken 8 years of research to make and exists to fulfill 3 main goals:

  1. To educate you so the power of your life's in, and Stays in, YOUR hands.
  2. To inspire & motivate you by leaving you with deep insight, personal healing, and a clear understanding about what YOU need to fly.
  3. To prepare your sweet soul to experience EVERYTHING you've ever yearned for & wanted.


What you showed me in Happy Endings is that BIG shifts can be gentle. As an alpha female there’s this assumption that if it isn’t hard, intense or explosive it isn’t valuable. You showed me that isn’t true-That even greater outcomes occur when you trust your system. You’re clever way of tinkering helped me do that. I know now that freeing ourselves from the narratives that have captured & imprisoned us doesn’t need to be gritty & difficult but can be gentle and, with care & attention, like you bring, easily dismantled & removed.

-Isa Bailey

Spiritual Badass & Entrepreneur

Video Reviews

Below we describe the fundamentals of our courses - The Four Jewels.

"Grasp these & you won't even care about the pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow."

Jamie Sullivan

Jewel #1: Happy Endings

We talk as if happiness is easy but the truth is, it's not. Happiness is a complex dance between you & your life. If you don't know the psychology of it, how to set your soul up to thrive - life can feel awfully disappointing. This 8-WEEK starter course is designed to set you up to win in life & love.

  • "Happy Endings" is an 8-week PRE-REQUISITE course to "Wonderland" (6-month course).

Jewel #2: ONE.

Understand your fear. Why? Cause you're the Captain of Your Soul-it's time to start acting like it. We're not only encouraging you to stand for yourself, we'll hack your mind and rescue yer inner Super Hero. This jewel will leave you grounded and at peace with your power & passion.

Jewel #3: GLOW

True beauty's an authentic soul living a satiating life. Knowing yourself, the starry darkness, the soothing light - feeds your soul & your body. It's from knowing yourself, realizing your intrinsic value & loving ALL that you are that you begin to radiate. Once you begin to shine... nothing and no one can hold you back.

Jewel #4: The Carnival

Escape Artists, Illusionionists, Oracles oh my! In a world full of too many choices, too many lies and too much pain - making the hard choices is harder than ever. Carnivals an open invitation to radical honesty, an offering of ease, and a guide post for how to be free. Let's build something worthwhile. We're better together.

Step into Wonderland

Why? Cause our journey covers everything worthwhile in life & we can find our way even with our eyes blindfolded.

Interactive Hypnosis

Our courses are spun with the magic of hypnosis. During our time together we'll journey through the story of your life. Crafted to provide insight to guide you "Home" to the heart of you, these hypnotic journey's are crafted with science AND love. Your experiences will be palpable. 

Live digital classes

"Happy Endings" is 8 weeks in a row and "Wonderland" is 24 wks over 10 months. Lessons are 90 minute online group classes. 

Each LIVE weekly class'll be inspiring & passionate healing time focused on helping your brain lead you to the promised land.

Private & Discreet

This journey's a join us from home with your PJ's on deal. Wether you join solo or with a friend, you'll be in trustworthy company. 

You'll get your own library and access to our private community here @ "The Truffle Box". All you'll need's a journal to write in and a computer or smartphone. 

Reviews for Jamie Sullivans Work

"Jamie is life-changing! I mean this literally. She supportively pushes me to be my best, and has helped me make major strides in a very short time (overcoming loss, making a career change, improving intimacy, to name a few). I'm so grateful to have her in my tribe; I wouldn't be as grounded, successful and happy in life without her. I particularly appreciate her genius at reading people (and feelings). She helps me decipher my own world, find clarity and construct what I want to make out of it. Jamie is warm, full of life, and brimming with imagination and positivity. Who wouldn't want to be around this! "

Susanne Lee

"Jamie is an awesome guide. I felt like she totally got me (it’s such a wonderful feeling, to feel understood!) With her astute comments and questions she lovingly guides her clients to awareness - instead of telling them what to do, she leads them to discover for themselves what they want and/or need. The trauma releases were so helpful in defusing some very upsetting memories. I highly recommend her work!""

Dawn Stewart

"With Jamie's help I transformed my life in ways I had only ever dreamed about. Through our work together I opened myself back up to the magic of the universe and to the essence of love - for myself, my work, my creativity and ultimately in an incredibly fulfilling new relationship. Under Jamie's guidance, I was able to unlock my creative energy and look at my ability to create in a whole new way, which has brought me tremendous joy, inspiration and success. Working with Jamie was an absolute blessing and my life will literally never be the same. Jamie's particular gifts and her special brand of magic enabled me to become the woman, the artist and the partner I always wished I could be."

Megan Bennet

"Jamie has changed my life in the most amazing way!! She challenges me to show up, dig deep, get uncomfortable, and lay it all bare. Jaime is nurturing, feminine, supportive, fun, thoughtful and generous. She has a magnetic powerful magic about her that is medicine for your heart, body, mind and soul. It's like she is guiding me into an awakening I've always wanted and blowing open my inner and sometimes unknown desires and fears. The ways she sweetly breaks into your subconscious is as if your are creating your own vivid detailed movie - almost as if you are double dreaming- creates epic shifts. I cannot wait to continue the journey. Xoxo"

Lindsay Thompson

""I was going through a difficult time in my life when I decided to do something about it. I searched a lot and I found Jamie totally by chance and out of desperation. I was so unhappy and stuck in my life that I would try anything new.This was my first time trying hypnotherapy and I was very skeptical. The first time I met Jamie she invited me in to her office with a huge smile and a great energy. I absolutely loved my consultation session, after a long time I felt someone understood me and her advise was worthy of listening. I was so happy with her that I ended up introducing my friend to Jamie cause I knew she would make a huge impact in her life too. I was very lost and Jamie brought me back to life and reality. She is incredibly Kind, smart and knowledgeable. I am very thankful to have met her and work with her trough my issues. She has lifted a huge weight off my shoulder and for that I am forever thankful." "

Sofi Lahi

""The day I met you I felt that I resonated so much with how you perceive the world. What made me want to see you again, was the hope and power you reminded me of. The hope I could nurture, nourish, and grow every day; the power that I could feel in my whole being... . Every time that I came to see you I became more and more aware of my thought patterns that seemed to be destroying my life and my mind. You were not like the other doctors or any other therapist I had met. With every other mental and physical health practitioner, I felt as if I needed to hide away parts of myself. I remember it getting worse, at first, when I was still trying to "fight" my demons. I remember that month that I had listened to my body to a point where my skin cleared up and my anxiety was easier to deal with. The quality of my life had improved and my endless worrying soothed. I hugged my demons: and since that day, they actually started to become my angels in disguise." "

Anastasia Gornostaeva

""In simple terms, Jamie is an amazing human being and a compassionate healer. She relates with people with ease and makes one feel like the centre of the universe. Through the process of hypnosis, we were able to dig deep into the core of my old, hostile reality. As a result, that has been replaced with a new, comforting and liberating realizations. It has been a pleasure and an honour working with Jamie while on this ultimate journey of self-discovery and self-improvement! Thank you so much Jamie!""

Angelica Kowcun

"My dear dear Jamie, you lead me through the dark and the pain and brought me to the light! I see it now and I know the work I must do to continue forward. For that I am eternally grateful. …my parachute is now open and its up to me to control that now. … See your countless blessings are what you did for me. I see them clearly and clearly each day. …The peacock is how I feel now. Like I’m rising from the ashes. I wish I had pages and pages to write how extraordinary a person you are, most of all I want to say Thank You"


"I chose Jamie because I felt this strong pull toward her. Her magic, her deliciously descriptive yet natural, grounded and serene vocabulary, her ability to transport me to far off places, her femininity for which I knew I was searching, her unapologetic authenticity, her fun do whatever you fucking want attitude... Working with her was mind blowing, earth shattering, not what I had expected at all enlightenment, drastically changing my life for the better, strategically weaving a new design for my life that is completely aligned with who I really am. I got an inspiring, motivating, challenging arena to throw down and rumble through my shit, my story, and fucking own it - A creative spark to reignite my soul and resurrect the dead parts of me I've longed to reclaim!""


""Jamie is a breath of fresh air in a world of inauthentic stuffiness. I didn't know what to expect when working with a hypnotherapist and I had a healthy dose of cautious optimism. My experience with Jamie far exceeded any expectation I could have had. Working with her made me feel comfortable... . Jamie is nurturing and extremely self-aware, a wonderful balance of a protective mother bear and a fierce wolf that provides accountability. She has forever impacted my life in a positive way and I look forward to working with her again.""

Isa Bailey

"Working with Jamie allowed me to discover some of my subconscious triggers and roadblocks that have been holding me back from moving forward in many aspects in my life. I have a better understanding of what underlying beliefs caused me to reach a point of absolute mental and physical burn out. I now have some tools to help allow me to heal from this experience and to try to create an emotional environment for myself that will prevent this from happening again."

Chany Groenewoud

"I love hypnotherapy because it is an amazing tool to uncover subconscious beliefs, rituals and trauma's that can cause you to live in some not so healthy patterns. Jamie was the perfect combination of a strong yet gentle facilitator that I felt an immediate sense of trust in. She has a very honest and genuine constitution and gave me the ability to move through some long standing issues with a quick and powerful resolution. Thanks Jamie for truly being an exceptional practitioner. -- I love hypnotherapy because it is an amazing tool to uncover subconscious beliefs, rituals and trauma's that can cause you to live in some not so healthy patterns. Jamie was the perfect combination of a strong yet gentle facilitator that I felt an immediate sense of trust in. She has a very honest and genuine constitution and gave me the ability to move through some long standing issues with a quick and powerful resolution. Thanks Jamie for truly being an exceptional practitioner."

Dr. Natalie Groenewoud, ND

"“I found Jamie completely by accident. I had just moved from the other side of the country, and I was living a life that I was so utterly and completely dissatisfied with. Having the privilege to have Jamie in my life turned it upside down, in a good way; she is a breath of fresh air, and an amazing wealth of knowledge. She spoke in a way that always made me think, she got my brain in gear, and seeing things as if I had never seen them before, and things that I had been feeling started to make sense. With her gentle spirit, she coaxed out my fears and kept me safe while she showed me how small they were in the grand scheme of life, MY life. Before Jamie I never would have considered Hypnotherapy, it seemed so ridiculous, but it was nothing like what I had imagined, it was perfect. Jamie is an exceptional woman, and it is obvious that she wants nothing but to help others, to help them help themselves, and she makes sure she has the knowledge & experience to do it right. Thank you Jamie for striving for greatness so you can offer your gift!” "

Joanna Gadjos

""...She addressed my fear and uncertainty... . Now, months later, I respond to the frustrations of my family with compassion, understanding and a true desire to help (95% of the time)— before meeting Jamie I would want to help but I couldn’t because I couldn’t help but react to their upsets with my own. Because of my hypnotherapy sessions, along with my massive commitment to be a nurturing parent and partner, the life of the family has transformed. Today we are a different family. Jamie helped me to rid myself of the anxiety leaving me with a natural state of mind — calm and relaxed — the only place from which I could successfully parent and partner. This transformation has been essential for our whole family and particularly our ten year old son who is hyper sensitive to sensory input and experiences his own anxiety. I am now the mother who can truly help him to grow and thrive. I would highly recommend Jamie. If you want to transform behaviors that are preventing fulfillment and effectiveness in life or if you want to bring your stressed-out body and mind to rest, Jamie will help.” Jacquie Stebbings "

Jacquie Stebbings

"I had some very interesting and important insights through working with her. In addition to her abundant skill, she brings sensitivity and genuineness to her work and quickly develops trust. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” "

Fiona Hunt

"“…One of the most powerful, grounded, and practically useful experiences…” “Working with Jamie Sullivan has been one of the most powerful, grounded, and practically useful experiences I’ve ever had on my own personal healing journey. As a practitioner Jamie’s skill and intuitive application are impactful to say the least, and the level of safety I felt in her space was rare and immersive. I’ve shifted some things with her that have opened up whole new levels of freedom and ease. Jamie’s commitment to her clients optimal progress is palpable. As a practitioner myself, and as her client, I could not recommend her more highly.” "

Dana Pemberton

"I find it hard to put into words just how incredible Jamie is and what she has meant in my life. I have never met a woman more passionate about her mission to help and change the lives of others in this world. I first met Jamie when I was in a difficult place in my life. I suffered from anxiety, I had fears and doubts about my career and my marriage, there were issues I was struggling to deal with from my childhood and my husband and I had been trying to conceive for about a year and a half with no luck. ...I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had been doing traditional therapy for years and had tried many different avenues to work through my issues. I had incredible awareness about all of my “issues” and in any therapy session I had, I was able to tell the therapists exactly where each issue had come from and how it manifested in my daily life. I could talk for hours about everything I knew about myself but when it came to actually being able to make a change, I really struggled to find the “how”. Therapy kept me in my head and I knew I needed to get out of it for change to happen. My first 10 minutes with Jamie just talking about my life and what I was feeling, I felt so incredibly safe, understood and known and I really connected with Jamie’s energy. She is deeply intuitive, open and connected and she was somehow able to read my energy in a way that no one else has. She has a unique way of reading you through subtle body cues and behavior and she’s so sharp you don’t have to over explain anything, she just immediately gets you. It’s hard to explain how Jamie works as I had my own unique experience with her and I believe she just instinctively knows what each individual needs. Through hypnosis, discussion, visualizations and other exercises and tools, Jamie helped me to go deep into my psyche and into my body to find and nurture all of these fears and anxieties. Trauma gets trapped in our bodies and each of us is capable of healing ourselves wether it be physical ailments or emotional traumas. Jamie is the force that helps you get there. I got so much out of working with Jamie and she really shifted my perspective on so many levels. I delivered a beautiful baby girl in January and Jamie was right there to help me through that experience. She brought me peace through my last trimester anxiety and she was there on call for me during my long labor and helped me through the toughest stage just hours before I delivered my baby. I have also never been happier in my marriage and have embraced motherhood like a warrior. Jamie is amazing. If you want your life to be better and want someone by your side to help you through it, Jamie is your girl. I know she has worked with some powerful people and well known individuals in the public eye who don’t necessarily want to advertise that they were in any type of therapy. Jamie respects the privacy of her clients and so she doesn’t push for testimonials but I wanted to write this for her to share my experience because every woman could use a little Jamie in her life. I'm a film and television actress and singer-songwriter and am very much in the public eye but I have no shame admitting that I am working on myself. I don’t see it as a sign of weakness but as a sign of strength and power. And so, I will shout from the rooftops that Jamie helped me, as I wish for any woman needing change in her life to share in this experience. Jamie is an incredible light in this world and I feel so grateful to have met her. If you are seeking change and feeling brave enough to go after it, you will find no better guide to walk beside you on your path to happiness."

Miranda Frigon

Your Guide in Wonderland

Jamie Sullivan

A spirit of Wonderland, Sullivan's been a Master Hypnotist for 14 years. She goes straight for the heart & wields her power with love. The top of her profession, her healing skills & authenticity earned her the nickname Fairy F'ing Godmother. Why? Because she's BRILLIANT ...& swears a lot.

More About Mrs. Sullivan

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