Simple Enchantments

9 Unique Wise ways to Feed Your Soul.

Your Treasure Awaits

Light & Bright

  1. Sweet Pea, 9 unique treasures to add colour to your life.
  2. Easy, sweet ways to up the good feels in your life - Permanently.
  3. Given to clients from rich & famous to home schooling parents for over a decade as a cherry on top to the more intense work we do.
  4. Extra yum - a mini hypnosis video to give you  a mini break & extra focus. xo, Jamie
Treasure for You

The Fairy Godmother  

A Clinical Hypnotherapist for over a decade, Jamie Sullivan's a voodoo momma, lover & playful magic maker whose love stash overflows with gifts from her adventures in Wonderland - otherwise known as real life. 

From the rich & famous to the neighbour next door, over & over again Jamie's been trusted with the most precious thing we have, our Hearts.