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Team Truffle Box


 Add a Fairy Godparent to your Journey.

For 10 weeks from date of purchase you'll get:

1. Your very own Fairy Godparent

2. Unlimited voxer access to your Fairy Godparent for 10 weeks beginning upon purchase.

2. One strategy session

3. Three sessions to clear and utilize any additional treasures you found in Happy Endings that were too large to move during the program. 


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Happy Endings On-Demand

💎What you get:

  • The Happy Endings 8-week quest WITH specific to YOUR soul insights
  • Actual neural change that will support your lifelong happiness 
  • World-class Clinical Hypnotherapist Jamie Sullivan as yer Fairy Godmother
  • Concepts that apply directly to YOU
  • Science-backed work that will validate what you feel
  • An understanding of your own mind
  • Pleasant changes that LAST
  • A delicious protocol of momentous magic you can do again & again that will ALWAYS bring you NEW insight & transformation.
  • A warm welcome to your real-life Fairy Tale

BONUS: a guided Possibility Spell. Wtf is a Possibility Spell? You'll find out when you get inside💜.


If you're not completely satisfied with this course, please email [email protected] BEFORE opening class #4 and we'll issue a refund. No questions asked.


What People Are Saying:

This course is a masterpiece. It literally blew my mind!

Mojan Nejati

Jamie's a healer and coach like no other. Her course Happy Endings is the perfect journey to help you get clear on what you want out of life and what it is that’s preventing you from getting there. Jamie’s methods help you navigate the deep neural pathways of your brain and she doesn’t let you leave any stones unturned, you will find what you’re looking for. You’ll leave Happy Endings with a set of tools to help you battle all of life’s roadblocks. I’ve hired coaches, done self-help seminars, and visited performance psychologists, Jamie is all of them and more with a lot of love the whole journey through.

Dave Loncaric

I was looking forward to every class thinking what's Jamie gonna bring out of her magic hat for us next!

Kimberly Carson-Richards

It felt like you were listening throughout this whole thing. It felt like you were in control. It felt like you cared. I think your course is going to be an explosive success and is going to make tons of people shit rainbows they'll be so happy. Your passion and enthusiasm throughout the whole thing were contagious. I trust you to look deep into my messy head and you're a compassionate cheerleader. It was worth every second!

Josh Labaki

Without even trying I now know what I wanna do when I grow up!

Lana Cummings

Jamie I don't know what you did to me but my whole life has changed for the better and I just wanna say thank you for creating this work and being who you are. Your work is brilliant!

Waira Mendoza Angle

Jamie's the fairy that sets your dreams free & ignites your fire! I'm already famous for being happy all the time but going through Jamie's program's got me so much more clarity & confidence in my work AND life. You owe it to yourself to take this course so you too can experience the magic that this woman can sprinkle on your life.

Quyhn Vo

Happy Endings in a nutshell; The spark that ignited my life & took me from confused, wandering aimlessly & colored in self-hate to forging my own path with confidence & self-love burning brighter than I ever have before!

Graham Arychcuk

I know now that freeing ourselves from the narratives that have captured & imprisoned us doesn’t need to be gritty & difficult but can be gentle and, with the care & attention that Jamie always brings, easily dismantled & removed.

Isa Bailey

Overall my quality of life and state of being has gone up. I have way less worry about stuff. It's like my body is finally out of the survival mode I didn't even realize I was in and I get to truly experience life now.

Zuri Vankevich

Happy Endings showed me how to find the shortcuts into the hard-to-find places inside myself - the places I somehow hear and feel calling out to me; The places I've poured my blood, sweat, and tears trying so hard and so long to get into; The places where the broken pieces of me hide and wait to be seen and brought back into the light; The places where I know if I could just get to, I would finally feel better. For me, Happy Endings is exactly that.

Pamela Belanger

I've done a tonne of personal development and men's work and Jamie's knowledge and expertise are NEXT LEVEL!

Amirali Modarres

This was like doing three years of therapy in 8 weeks except this was FUN!

Kat Halushka

amazing leadership from Jamie... and insight into the deeper unconscious things I didn't know were getting in the way of more success, joy and happiness in my life. Jamie was amazing at providing the safety and environment for me to connect with it [deeper unconscious things] and overcome it.

Lucas Matteillo

Your teaching changed my life. Believe it or not I NEVER used those words before now. In Happy Endings, I was left over and over with the same feeling that is very powerful. You reminded me who I really am. Thank you so much for that.

Muna Yoseph

I found love for myself for the first time

Joanna Ferris