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Soul Compass Journey

Because the Fairy-Tale REAL ... including ghosts from the past and confusing illusions but, so is your YOUR magic!

Let's discover YOUR Soul Compass.

What you're in for:

  • 2 hours of magic
  • Some super-cool learning to inspire & empower you 
  • You get to meet your very own Soul Compass

💎Please bring a curious mind, have your imagination turned on, and be willing to believe in magic for this date.

What People Are Saying:

I wasn’t sure what to expect as I opened up Soul Compass. I was intrigued by the description but didn’t really understand why I knew I wanted it! The thing I most love about Soul Compass is that it takes the work that might be done in a meditation or visualization to a ten times deeper level and transforms it into something that I feel can impact my life in a deep and an ongoing basis. I don’t really understand the science of it all but you can feel the magic within just a few minutes. The journey itself felt like a blanket of love being wrapped around you. In the end, I feel like my Soul Compass is a magical part of me that I couldn’t put my finger on prior to doing the journey but it’s somehow so perfect for this next stage of my life. Like I could feel that I had this in me somehow, somewhere but couldn’t really access the power of it. It already feels like a beacon I can call on whenever I want to navigate this next big exciting stage of my life. If you have done any sort of personal development work, do yourself a favor and add Soul Compass to take yourself even deeper and rise up to meet the next version of yourself.

Tammy Lane

There is nothing more magical that you can do for yourself than allow yourself to go on this journey. There’s nothing more spellbinding and fairy-tale and dreamlike and comforting and loving and warm and nurturing and creative and connected as you are in the Soul Compass Journey. It’s an immersive experience. And it's guided by the most loving, magical, feminine being that has unlocked life for me in so many ways. It’s enchanting!! For me, It’s like having a North Star or if I need to center or ground or bring myself back to an ok place or when I need something to remind me that I’m ok, that’s what the soul compass does for me. It's a mood shifter and a grounder and I’m obsessed with using mine. I can’t wait to collect more Possibility Anchors when they’re released!

Lindsay Thompson

I could not recommend soul compass more highly. At first I had a smidge of embarrassment about what my psyche brought me. A treasure chest. As I logically thought about it.. I was all like.. “really, my soul wants gold… adventure.. how vein is that” But then I slowed down, gave it a chance, and actually gave it a chance. I felt into it slowly over the next few days and week. Getting curious about it. Feeling the safe energy of it. and all of the sudden it was like it activated and i was flushed with an understanding of it, and now its my guide. I’ve developed a relationship to it. I use it whenever I feel like I'm spinning, or lost, or need comfort. I use it when I want to remember why. Why I’m doing what I’m doing. It keeps me pointed in a direction that brings satisfaction to my life, and purpose to my choices. It's like a direct “red phone” line to my soul. Making it easy to make choices that feel right and “in alignment” It does all that while bringing relief and relaxation to my body, almost as if it soothes me. Give it a chance. Be curious. Play with it and see what your soul might bring you.

Graham Arychuk

To be honest sometimes this kind of “woowoo” is too much for me. Even though I feel like I very much live in this world where I KNOW we can change and heal, I sometimes don’t believe in the magic of life. I decided to do Soul Compass because I’ve been struggling for the last 4 years, struggling with depression and my emotional well-being, feeling alone and like I wasn’t going to make it on my own. I knew I needed something inside myself to hold onto, to help me keep going when I was too afraid and tired. Going through the process was sooooooooo gentle and easy, the hardest part was answering the questions, and even that was a beautiful process of reflection. When my compass popped out of my subconscious, it was a coral coloured polka dot umbrella and my first reaction was “I don’t like that I want something else'' 😂 but, as I know already, that’s not how this stuff works, and it turns out MY umbrella is actually perfect. I got to spend time FEELING my umbrella, touching every part of it, smelling it, hearing the rain land on it in my mind, and with every new sensation my body relaxed and I felt like a curious sweet little girl. I take my umbrella out when I’m feeling overwhelmed, angry, overstimulated, scared, anything really, and all I have to do is hold its wooden handle and feel it, the grooves and the notches, the smoothness, and I feel my body grounding and my thoughts calming. I’ve had big feelings that I couldn’t manage and I brought out my coral umbrella and held it open in front of my belly, and it felt like it was a shield protecting my most vulnerable parts. I have only just started seeing how I can use my umbrella and I’m so looking forward to having it with me whenever I need it, in fact, as I’m typing this I’m twirling my umbrella on the floor, I can hear it swishing and the way it resists the air a little bit, my whole body takes a big breath and I feel calm and grounded. Thank you Jamie for creating this simple yet incredible tool for anyone who is willing to go for it ❤ so I guess I DO believe in magic after all.

Joanna Ferris

I love my Soul Compass Possibility Anchor! I’m connecting with it everyday for strength, courage, clarity and calm, and I’m realizing that it loves me back. WOW! I want to speak to something else too though. I want to speak about how the result of the Soul Compass journey was immediate and obvious. I've done other shit and worked with other modalities but literally in an afternoon the Soul Compass Journey did something REAL. Even though I fu@#ed-up the instructions it was clear as a gong ringing from inside my head when my big black horse materialized. Also the day after I did the Journey, I had a moment where I came up against some ick and resistance and struggled for a while, then I started singing a prayer to the divine and in the midst of that it said “use your Soul Compass!”. I was like duh! Right. This is something REAL and I can FEEL it! Find your Soul Compass and pay attention to the opportunities to really seal the deal with yours. I promise you’ll thank yourself for trusting!

Kirsten Khorsand

Soul Compass is a game-changer

Isa Bailey

I didn’t know what to expect going into the Soul Compass Journey. What I know for sure is that upon reading Jamie's words, I felt like I truly connected to what she said, that instead of constantly pushing through my life or forcefully resisting things, that instead we’re gonna replace that with the courage which would allow me to be pulled forward with ease. Going through the process of gathering my elements felt like strolling through amazing important chapters of my past in the book of my life I had almost forgotten about - the treasures I sometimes forget are back there. Taking that journey and remembering those crucial moments, not just in my mind's eye but with all the senses of my body, felt as if I really just got into a time travel machine to re-experience everything that happened fully back there. Now the thought that comes to me when I think about my Soul's Compass is a warm spring day, rubber boots, puddles and playing with frogs in the Stream along the ditch. I hope these can be words that resonate with people out there who need encouragement to take the step forward in their journey and gain the valuable tool of having their Soul Compass for guidance and knowing that super-power is already available and inside of them.

Noland Drozd