Soul Food

9  genuinely doable ways to Feed Your Soul.

Feed Me


9 treasures to add colour to your life.

Hella smart ways to up the good feels in your life - Permanently.

Given to clients from rich & famous to home schooling parents as a cherry on top to the deeper work we do.

Because we can - a mini hypnosis video for calm focus. xo, Jamie

Your Treasure Awaits

"I felt so incredibly safe. She just immediately gets you. I believe Jamie just instinctively knows what each individual needs. If you're seeking change & brave enough to go after it, you'll find no better guide to walk beside you on your path to happiness".

-Miranda Frigon


Jamie Sullivan  

A Clinical Hypnotherapist for over a decade & gifted with the nickname Fairy Godmother, Jamie Sullivan's a voodoo momma, lover & playful magic maker whose love stash overflows with gifts from her adventures in Wonderland - otherwise known as real life. 

From the rich & famous to the neighbour next door, over & over again Jamie's been trusted with the most precious thing we have, our Hearts.

It starts in the HEART