Happy Endings

Remove the Veil


Break the Spells

Maintain your priorities and clear the path to have everything important to YOU in REAL Life.

You'll be guided on how to explore your mind and we'll prep your brain for a life confident in meaning & magic. And in times like this, who doesn't need a little magic? 

Happily Ever After's four weekly 90-minute LIVE classes over 1 month alongside interactive hypnosis from world-class Clinical Hypnotherapist Jamie Sullivan.

The cherry on top...

  • Jamie's style of hypnosis is gentle, luxe and targeted.
  • Pay once, come back & repeat the course as much as you want.
  • Jamie's a master at gently opening the doors of your mind to bring about safe and appropriate for YOU insight & healing.


*This course is a PRE-REQUISITE for The Truffle Box's "Wonderland" course & PREPARES you to CONFIDENTLY Have it ALL. As Jamie says, "if you've worked hard to get your cake, you better damn well get to eat it!"

Want More Deets?

  • We're gonna rebuild the concept of self-sabotage for you so it turns into a trustworthy compass for true north for YOU.
  • Using hypnosis you'll swim the seas of your mind to find treasures about your true happiness you hid or buried years ago.
  • Obtain the strength and clarity to define your own priorities with love and compassion
  • Learn one single powerful exercise that you can use forevermore to help your brain embrace, celebrate & own happily ever after.

"Jamie is BRILLIANT. I'm not quite sure how she does what she does but healing and creating with her feels deeply safe and is incredibly insightful. She's sneaky and sassy in all the best ways yet maternal and soft before you even know that's exactly what you needed. I always get results with her and always more than I bargained for. She's rejuventaing and nurturing at the same time. If you're lucky enough to get the chance to work with her do it. Trust your dreams with her. Kirsten Khorsand"

Kirsten Khorsand
Word Twirler

"Jamie has changed my life in the most amazing way!! She challenges me to show up, dig deep, get uncomfortable, and lay it all bare. Jamie is nurturing, feminine, supportive, fun, thoughtful and generous. She has a magnetic powerful magic about her that is medicine for your heart, body, mind and soul. It's like she is guiding me into an awakening I've always wanted and blowing open my inner and sometimes unknown desires and fears. The ways she sweetly breaks into your subconscious is as if your are creating your own vivid detailed movie - almost as if you are double dreaming- creates epic shifts. I cannot wait to continue the journey. xoxo"

Lindsay Thompson

"As a man, working with Jamie Sullivan has been one of the most powerful, grounded, and practically useful experiences I’ve ever had on my own personal healing journey. As a practitioner Jamie’s skill and intuitive application are impactful to say the least, and the level of safety I felt in her space was rare and immersive. I’ve shifted some things with her that have opened up whole new levels of freedom and ease. Jamie’s commitment to her clients optimal progress is palpable. As a practitioner myself, and as her client, I could not recommend her more highly."

Dana Pemberton

"I must say Jamie surprised me. Outside of her office she is bubbly and boisterous, but once that door closed behind me she became a different person. She took authority and let me know instantly this was my time and it was her job to help me. As a Doctor in the profession for over 30 years, I am often focused on others, so her confidence and obvious efficacy was exactly what I needed to relax and focus on myself. In only one hour I had solutions and awareness that served in resolving my problem for good. Trust this girl, I wish I’d seen her sooner."

Jonn Matsen
Naturopathic Dr.

"Jamie is life-changing! I mean this literally. She supportively pushes me to be my best, and has helped me make major strides in a very short time (overcoming loss, making a career change, improving intimacy, to name a few). I'm so grateful to have her in my tribe; I wouldn't be as grounded, successful and happy in life without her. I particularly appreciate her genius at reading people (and feelings). She helps me decipher my own world, find clarity and construct what I want to make out of it. Jamie is warm, full of life, and brimming with imagination and positivity. Who wouldn't want to be around this!""

Suzanne Lee

"What made me want to see Jamie was the hope and power she reminded me of. The hope I could nurture, nourish, and grow every day; the power that I could feel in my whole being by just looking down at my stomach. ..She was not like the other doctors or any other therapists I had met about the number one problem I came to her with- acne. With every other mental and physical health practitioner, I felt as if I needed to hide away parts of myself which I knew in my heart had a link to my chronic acne. ..The quality of my life had improved and my endless worrying soothed. I hugged my demons: and since that day, they actually started to become my angels in disguise. "

Anastasia Gornostaeva
Aspiring World Leader

"Jamie. Holy F-%k. What you do is incredible. I always leave our sessions feeling happy and hopeful, and walk all the way home with a huge grin on my face. Thank you for guiding me through this life-changing process. You're amazing."

Personal Trainer

Frequently Asked Questions

There are four modules in Happy Endings. 

Class #1 "The Lid on Top" April 16, 2020 @ 6:30-8pm PST

Class #2 "Dreaming Awake" April 23, 2020 @ 6:30-8pm PST

Class #3 "It's Something More" April 30, 2020 @ 6:30-8pm PST

Class #4 "Breaking the Spells" May 07, 2020 @ 6:30-8pm PST

All calls are recorded and will be available to you 24-48 hrs after class.

*The length of time to render the video is the reason for the different lengths of time. 


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