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From brilliant Strategist and Clinical Hypnotherapist Jamie Sullivan, is a world of Journeys & Enchantments to help you Heal & Own your Magic.

Experience why the Affluent, Celebrated & Influential trust Sullivan with their hearts & minds.

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Having wings is one thing but learning to fly's a whole other feat. Here at The Truffle Box, we not only help you tend to broken wings, we help you fly higher than you've ever flown before and, if you must, grow new wings. We all know it's wild out there and at one point or another, we ALL need help. If you're alive and need more for yourself, get your Soul Compass. It'll be your gaurdian angel. 

What's a Soul Compass

"Jamie has a magnetic powerful magic about her that is medicine for your heart, mind, body & soul."

-Lindsay Thompson


By Jamie Sullivan. Everything a soul could need & more. 

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F R E E  L O V E

For YOU. Reclaim your magic. Begin your journey here.

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Hypnotic enchantments for the child in us all. Coming Soon

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W R I T I N G 

1000 voices in one. Let's talk about being human.


An Invitation

Unravel the Magic of your Spirit.

Live knowing you're a Lighthouse in a world wild with mystery. Because like in a fairy tale, you WILL be called to your Hero's Journey. The adventure of adventures is waiting inside you, and it's more epic than you can imagine. Delicious ways to heal do exist. It's time to claim your Throne.

Touch Magic.


Wanna be hypnotized into Lala Land where you'll be gently soothed & rejuvenated then brought back in 40 minutes feeling rested & calm? Us too.  Please enjoy this Hypnosis Audio by Jamie Sullivan. Below are the rules Snowflake. 


RULES: NO Driving while using hypnosis.

By downloading and/or playing this you assume responsibility for your own safety.

*Pause father time to enjoy this hypnosis audio. It's 40 darling minutes long.

BodyZen Hypnosis Audio

Founder - Jamie Sullivan

She smells of Adventure & Dreams and speaks messages of the Heart without whispering a word.

She's playful & loving but do NOT be fooled - She's BRILLIANT at her craft and comes at matters of the soul FIERCE & STRONG.

 When it comes to Jamie:

"Love's her Mender, Imagination her Magic."

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