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Who am I? The Founder & Owner of The Truffle Box.

I was born & raised in a smallish town 4 hours North of Toronto Canada; Surrounded by the Wild Woods & Lakes.

I have little tolerance for ignorance, high standards for love and a COLOSSAL Aversion to boxes.

Thanks in large part to my aforementioned "Personality Flaws", I've learned how to feel safe being Authentic, HOW to choose LOVE & Lovingly Let GO, and how to Listen to my Guts EVEN when what I "hear" fucking terrifies me.

I've been a Clinical Hypnotherapist for well over a decade.

I'm up for a challenge if it means someone's life could be better, & I miss my dog Tyson who died moons ago - Every Day.

My Growth Game's STRONG 


I fuck up, grow, get scared, get hurt, get Help, and TREASURE LOVE above all else

Something I hear a lot and I hate is "but I'm not Brave like you"

Listen, I'm no unicorn. I'm SUPER sensitive & and feel emotion INTENSELY.

As a child, I honestly thought I was from a different planet or race altogether and that for certain, I was NOT made to survive in a world where people seemed to turn a blind eye to cruelty & suffering.

I couldn't handle the pain of others and couldn't bridge the gap in my mind between Love & Darkness. Even though I was a Happy Go Lucky kid, seeing pain in a living creature tortured me inside.

As I grew, my childhood overflowed with laughter, friends & growing Wild but still, I saw love abandoned - A lot. Too much.

I saw cowardice, fear, ignorance and trauma take over what could've been a beautiful kind of humanity.

My response as a child was to form a Persistence & Courage that would keep me in the ring with love even when loving got hard. 

& let's be honest, Love can get Real Fucking hard.

My BRAVERY's a CHOICE to stay with LOVE.

...a hopeless Romantic, dangerously FULL of Fire, ALL about naked Kitchen Dancing & singing unabashedly to any music that gives voice to my current mood.

I've got an overload of my own issues, have a magical knack for getting at the truth, eat a substantial amount of Ben & Jerry's ice cream and crave safe loving spiritual connection just like most other warm blooded animals.

I believe in the magic of the ordinary &...

sometimes I wanna give up and hide in the fairy forest of my childhood imagination.

 I moved away from home when I was 19, have had 3 long term relationships, lived in 3 different countries & explored different careers till I found what I LOVE - THIS.

I'm in love with possibility, devoted to authenticity, fiercely persistent in love and shamelessly celebrate the beauty of my humanity. I've even learned to embrace my darkness.

Life's blessed me with many lifetime's worth of beauty & bliss AND smashed me to my KNEES from babe & fertility loss. I broke in ways I didn't think I could. I suffered things I didn't think I could bear. Still - I fought HARD and kept my Heart OPEN.

The more I Trust Time AND Trust My SELF, the more unwavering my belief that having a sense of magic in our lives is everything.

In a nutshell, I'm UNDENIABLE proof that traditional rules need to be broken.



I live to Dream Awake & continue to unravel the Beauty of my Spirit.

Won't you join me?