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After 15 years of Clinical Hypnotherapy and 45 years of life, I've boiled down the basics for you & left out anything that hasn't contributed to the Fundamentals of my skill. Be sure to subscribe to all things Truffle Box.

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Many many people, places, experiences & teachers have helped make my skill what it is today but, here I'll only mention the few things and people that contributed to the fundamentals of my craft...

Clinical Hypnotherapy: Anny Slegten at https://www.success-and-more.com/ . This woman, my teacher, is a phenomenal faucet of experience, wisdom & expertise in all things Hypnotherapy related.

DONA international https://www.dona.org/: Becoming a Doula was the start in my career path to becoming a Midwife. That was until I lived in England, met my then father-in-law and changed my career path to Clinical Hypnotherapy. Thanks to good childhood friends and precious first time momma's, I had my fair share of births before pivoting life paths.

Shamanism: Perhaps my greatest love of all because I resonate so deeply with the language of Shamanism, the teachers & experiences I've had the honour of working with have been instrumental in helping me understand how to use and be purposeful with the sensitive body I have. It's the many teachers I've had, predominantly female, that saw me & mirrored back my innate ability to understand, respect and work with energy that I have such a strong appreciation for and respect of myself.

Jungian & Imaginative Therapy: I mentored with a scholar. I worked with an unapologetic woman for over 3 years to unravel the knots of my soul and weave together my gifts & training. This woman taught me, tho it was hard and painful often, how to face and own my power.

The Permaculture Institute of Great Britain: My in field residential training and certification in Permaculture are possibly the most instrumental of all. Both Scientific and incredibly strategic in it's approach, this art is one of the best examples I know of for mimicking natural systems and leveraging effort for the most amount of positive output. I've learned & applied this scientific art in Australia, Canada & England. Resource - https://permaculture.org/ .

Hospice Volunteering. Training with a group of people in an environment where speaking about death, to all inevitable endings, is encouraged and welcome gave me the permission I needed to carry those precious & substantial conversations into all areas of my life and work. Having the privilege of speaking to others about, and being present to them in their last days and later on having my own personal encounters with the death of my unborn baby, my fertility and almost my life solidified my confidence that life cannot be fully lived unless we can speak to and address death.