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I think about all aspects of life like a forest throughout the seasons, ever changing, ever present & infinitely dynamic.

I'm quite certain that growing up with a childhood so embedded in nature's taught me everything I ever needed to know about satisfaction, peace & happiness.

Being in my imagination's like being whisked away like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz but with the graceful control of Miss bossy pants Mary Poppins herself!

Truth is my skill and style of work comes from so many little moments, big choices and certainly things beyond my current comprehension.

That said, Though I know struggle, shitty hard days and suffering well, I've had a blessed amount of people and experiences in my life that have all contributed in the creation of who I'm capable of being today.

There is though this incomprehensible sparkle within me, bursting with flames and yet as calm & quiet as can be, that's never quit and it can be expressed as this;

I'm ferocious about love, obsessed with understanding human nature, driven by beauty & vehemently in support of vulnerability, fulfillment & personal power. 

A magnetism and surreal connection to beauty, the dark & the light, illuminate my path when times have been brutally hard - through the experiences that broke me.

Maybe, where the Glowing ember of my work Began was with my Passion for the Purest thing in all the Lands ...


When I was small I remember looking up at the grown-ups and being very connected to the idea that they too were little kids. I grew up like most of us in the Western world, sometimes an ignorant sister, sometimes a marvel of a daughter, sometimes a stubborn rebel resisting life.

But, when anyone around me was feeling the feels, wether that be on T.V or in my family circle, my little body couldn't bear it. I thought something was wrong with me. The young girl I was just wanted "it" to stop. As a 42 year old woman, I wouldn't trade in my deep sensitivity for anything. My sensitivity's how I know love.

I grew up going to Catholic church of which I had the choice to stop at the age of 13. I did. Not to say I didn't like they're concept of god but that I was quite content with my own personal relationship to whatever god was and that was comfort and guidance enough for me.

My mother talked to me of earth respect and equality among her creatures. We'd stare at the full moon together and watch lightning storms. She's connected to the earth my mother. A gift she passed to me that I suspect her tormented loving father passed down to her.

I saw, as a kid, and still do, so much suffering, so many masks, and never have been able to fully concede to a way of life that ignored or invalidated someone's true feelings or forced others to pretend that they were anything but human.

Eventually I witnessed something horrific that I couldn't unsee. It haunted me for years BUT it has also been part of my story of Becoming.

By 10 years old I knew I had to make a difference because speaking up or standing up for those that couldn't for themselves was a rare thing for me to see. My tribe were full of love but not of courage. I see this still today. So much ignorance, not enough bravery. That way of life is not for me.

I ended up with anger issues and massive guilt because I couldn't control my emotions, even though I desperately wanted to - and eventually learned to punch pillows until I was able to suppress my intense emotions altogether. I was trying to be a good person. I was. But the kind of good person I was drowned out everything important about me. 

I got older. I became the person that just couldn't fake it. I have never stopped seeing the little kid in everyone. I've learned to kill if I have to, I have a ferocious protective warrior within but, after 13 years of work in the field of Hypnotherapy, getting into the distant forgotten caverns of people's souls, I know that my job is to see & to protect innocence. 

Life has changed me, my values and priorities have changed but, one thing has remained still - to me, innocence is everything.

My Work.

Happiness. True Beauty. Bravery. Love. Timelessness.


In my opinion, these are the doors to everything that matters.

I must warn you however. On the other side of these doors are ancient grains of Hopelessness, Ugliness, Fear, Hate & Incompetence.

These things wait for you to heal them, to help them. Will you open the doors?

This is my model for becoming who you are. It's simple. A web. A multifaceted, sparkling, everything touches everything deal. It may be intense at times but honestly, it's magnificent.

For ever & more, I've researched, studied, experimented and explored what is it we really want.

What I've uncovered? We don't actually know. It's hidden in murky monster ridden waters. The Truffle Box was created to help individuals on their own unique quest home to a Wonderland made for them.

Here's what I believe: love's harder than fear but, it's worth everything.

"From beginning to end, Life's a Wonderland - Claim it!"

Jamie Sullivan