Have it ALL

We are FULL & currently not accepting waitlist. If you're compelled to reach out, please listen to yourself and reach out anyways. xox Jamie


Welcome to the Rabbit Hole. If you're reading this I'm guessing you're done with compromise and sacrifice - you want it all. Wanna cross the finish line into Happily Ever After - make the journey with a team.


*Here you'll find some information about an intimate group we host for women. If you want more information once you've read this page, please contact our team to inquire further. Info to connect is at the bottom.


Our program's 3 months long and will become both your playtime, dream time, healing time and transformation time. For the duration, you'll have ample opportunity to fill your cup with joy & creativity WHILE throwing down to get the life you dream of. Our structure is themed around unraveling, dreaming and weaving your best life. All manner of work is intelligent, holistic, dynamic and results-oriented.

More info below.

This is for you if:

  • you wanna have your cake and actually eat the damn thing
  • you're done proving to the world you deserve to live an epic life
  • you believe love is POWERFUL
  • you strive to be real and lead your peeps with brave honesty
  • you've gotta strong, sensitive and passionate spirit 

Let's get this outta the way ... time matters

This is NOT for you if:

  • you don't value the medicine of the feminine 
  • you only care about yourself ...go see a counselor
  • you can't appreciate our teams time, effort and genuine care.
  • you aren't committed to playing a big game
  • you want play, feasting, beauty and miraculous transformation to feel heavy and serious

"There are a thousand ways to change, a million ways to discover yourself, and an infinite amount of reasons why you should. If you're attracted to us there's a reason for it. Jamie's been a Clinical Hypnotherapist for over a decade and training in personal development for over 15yrs. She's touched the hearts of hundreds of humans in her career and well, Professional stuff can be meaningless without the action so here, from Jamie:

  • I've traveled to 15 countries, lived in three. 
  • I moved away from home and across the country at 19 with just an idea of something more for my life.
  • I mentored with a strong wise (intimidating) healer for over three years and have studied with dozens of other healers and medicine traditions throughout the last 17 years.
  • I surrender to uncertainty, I step even when I'm shit scared, and I live a life of constant gratitude. The gifts in my life I've earned.
  • I give it all up in my intimate relationship to transcend story and lay into the test of true love - to love with passion and might even when I'd prefer to project my shit onto another - I claim my own crap and use it as fuel for passion. 
  • I'm a dedicated student of the mind. I love the rabbit hole. My passion for greatness illuminates your potential and motivates change.
  • I'm relentlessly curious, I refuse to play games & I'm just the right kind of weird.

Now, what I know about you; 

You're attracted to magic, to the moon and stars, you crave realness and authenticity, you throw down, you're the lioness in a family of rabbits (and you care deeply about bunnies). You need us, and we need you - because as a team we move faster, grow stronger, and shine brighter. You know you're a heroin, we know you're a heroin - you're made for an epic life journey. We're offering a legacy - you're out to leave one. You're out to shake things up and make life better. You're out to heal your heart and honour your purpose. You "hear" the whispers of the universe; teasing out your passion, calling out your fire, your heart, your love. You know there's something more. You know it's time; This whole thing, me, you, all of it - a journey of a thousand stars. Yes? 

Our time together is limited, a journey with an end. Your experiences and lessons from your journey with us, should you find yourself part of our tribe this year, however, will continue to guide you True North for the rest of your life. That's a guarantee.

                                                                                                                                         xox Jamie

Bits to know

  • We don't want you crashing, we're serious about change, so in the group, we provide you with high-quality nutrition - made with love and taste buds in mind. 
  • Not to brag but (fuck it we're bragging), we're super unique, and how we get results is brilliant. Jamie uses fairy-tale as an entry point to your rabbit hole (mind) and magically sticks with you as you navigate your individual path to fulfillment.
  • The whole point is a celebration of transformation so to celebrate we must transform! You'll have 2 one on one sessions booked every month with the choice of in-person or online as well as 2 15 minute check-in calls. 
  • Nature knows transformation. Our program's woven together in a very specific structure to obtain the most impactful amount of transformation. 
  • The mind is everything. We're gonna tap into your mind and literally create things you're gonna take home with you. Creative, fun and ridiculously enlightening. 
  • Go time - once a month we gather our tribe. 7 hours (includes 1-hour rest). On task. In love.

We're out to heal our hearts, mend our families, and leave legacies - "The Journey of a Thousand Stars". Let's talk.

* [email protected]

Write "Legacy" in the subject line. 


LINDSAY. T Project Management

When I asked to explain my experience in glow/group this year I felt stumped. To be honest, if you asked me why I signed up it was because I love hypnotherapy - I believe it's life-changing - and I was looking for a new hypnotherapist. Jamie had been recommended to me and well this whole group thing - that was a total leap of faith. I really had no idea what the value of the group was going to be. I didn't get it. I'd been told that group dynamics can create epic, transformational shifts and push you to grow and develop beyond what you can achieve on your own in 1:1 sessions. But I didn't believe it. 

What I did know was that, what I was doing to get me where I was, was no longer working for me, even though on the outside I looked like I had it all together - I wasn't where I wanted to be. And I knew I needed something different to propel me forward. It's like Einstein's definition of insanity - doing the same things you've always done and expecting a different outcome. So I said f*ck it. Go big or go home. I threw myself off the cliff and into the group. There was some part of me that had enough faith to throw caution to the wind and there was something about Jamie that made me curious and wanting more.

So the first few months of the group I thought shit, what did I do?! Why did I sign up for this? I'm not getting anything out of this. But as time passed I starting noticing that it was challenging me in a new way to show up for the group and be raw and real. It wasn't safe like 1:1 sessions- more people watching, more people commenting. And that alone had value- getting me to step outside of my comfort zone, open up in an intimate way to people I didn't know very well, to trust that I wouldn't be judged or even if I felt I was it would be a learning opportunity to have to confront that, and that I was strong enough to do it. It also gave me the insight to look at myself from other perspectives. Seeing their perceptions of what I shared - and learning to untangle what resonated with me from what may have been their projections of their own beliefs. 

It probably wasn't until we were about a quarter into our group that I started seeing big shifts. But when I did I could look back and trace the smaller steps forward that led me to those changes. Vision boarding pulled subconscious threads together in ways I never had believed was possible (especially from what I thought of as a magazine and poster board exercise). It centered me, gave me focus, influenced my actions and started creating alignment with I wanted in my life. 

As time passed the relationships became stronger, more intimate, and a new level on which to play and grow. We have literally helped and watched each other unravel what we aren't and don't want to be together and started weaving the fabric of the lives we are thoughtfully designing for ourselves. We are all unique. Have different journeys, values, paces, and methods - but you can see the progress in others as they become more of who they really are. 

The group also makes you pry of something bigger than yourself. You feel a belonging, and that you are part of each person's journey. You are connected and there is such satisfaction in being able to contribute to people finding their own path, being able to help push them and support them and see their vision start to take shape. Unknowingly to me each person's journey resonated and impacted me in some way. It had influence. I couldn't help but to make sense of it in relation to me- what fits me, what doesn't, what questions or new awareness did it uncover?

As you continue to crack open you feel a loving, gentle support. But also a push to be challenged, forced to show up (physically and emotionally), kept accountable, and propelled toward the life and goals you said you wanted. 

The miracle of the group is that you unlock the key to secret doors in your own mind that you weren't consciously aware of. You wake up in a new way and see the world totally differently. And you are left more authentic and closer to who you really are, more aligned with your life and how you are choosing to live it, more fulfilled, and with a new tribe that is more like family. At least for me, in some ways, as they know me better than most and they understand me. 

So I guess that's just a long-winded way of saying if you really want to change your life f*cking do it!! Take the damn step. Jump off the cliff. Believe. 

LUBA K. - Interior Design and Wholistic Nutrition

When I first started seeing Jamie it was upon the recommendation of my naturopath. I had heard about hypnotherapy but never considered it was something for me. However, after my initial consultation with Jamie, I was in love… I wasn’t quite ready to book a session with her but knew it was only a matter of time before I would see her again! Her approach, her aura, her entire being were absolutely magnetizing – her abilities to read, encourage and empower me were stellar!

She radiates an otherworldly openness and acceptance; she excited and ignites; she offers foresight, wisdom, and depth; she invites and welcomes all as it is: good, bad, happy or sad, as it is all a part of being You … it is all a part of being human… it is all a part of something much greater than any one of us…

Participating in the GLOW group has allowed me to become a contributing factor in something larger than myself - it has pushed me to overcome the boundaries and constraints of my own ego. As I have done one-on-one work in the past, I have found that I tend to get stuck in my personal storyline, eventually falling prey to my own values and beliefs. Sharing thoughts and experiences with others has helped me put things into perspective - I now recognize that we all have our unique path in Life which has shaped our perceptions of it and created our responses to the universe. Acknowledging this has encouraged me to look past my insecurities and self-doubts. Seeing others, with drastically different stories than mine, battling the same demons as my own, I have realized that it is all a part of being Human and it is not an isolation component custom-made specifically for me – I no longer feel as a misfit! This has given me a confidence boost and a more relaxed approach to life. The group setting has provided a safe and sacred space for inviting all that is Me: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, a place where I can dance around with my “identities” and explore their drive and quiescent; for me, facing these characters among others has been less frightening and intimidating than having a date with them on my own!

Being a part of a group has also helped me stay focused and accountable – it has kept me moving even when I have wanted to give up, it has propelled me when I have felt stuck, it has motivated me to pick up the pace when I have simply wanted to be lazy – it has allowed room for a lot fewer excuses than if I were to do this work on my own as I would not have let only myself down but my playmates as well!

Last but not least, being a part of this group has introduced me to some incredible beings – humans that inspire me in ways I could have never imagined! Sharing and connecting with people I wouldn’t have otherwise encountered has granted me a type of freedom I do not have in my immediate surroundings - becoming a part of this tribe has inspirited me to dream bigger and bolder, to search for higher potential and to stay open to more possibilities! It has taught me to trust the process and to believe that everything happens for a reason.

Inspired? If you'd like to dig deeper, below are some awesome sauce shares from our 2016 gang to help you understand if our 2017 group is your next epic move.

  • When I found you I was looking for a tribe, clan, community...people like-minded on a journey wanting and willing to share the journey; something new and different, a sense of belonging, a way to level up, help and guidance, a new hypnotherapist, the guts to take a leap of faith. A way to learn different ways of trying to achieve what I thought I wanted. 
  • I chose Jamie because I felt this strong pull toward her. Her magic, her deliciously descriptive yet natural, grounded and serene vocabulary, her ability to transport me to far off places, her femininity for which I knew I was searching, her unapologetic authenticity, her fun do whatever you fucking want attitude...
  • What I got from being in this MasterMind that I didn't even realize I was looking for was mind-blowing, and earth-shattering. It's a not what I had expected at all kind of enlightenment, drastically changing my life for the better, strategically weaving a new design for my life that is completely aligned with who I really am. A tribe, a belonging, a safe container to step outside of my comfort zone and reap the rewards. An inspiring, motivating, challenging arena to throw down and rumble through my shit, my story, and fucking own it. A creative spark to reignite my soul and resurrect the dead parts of me I've longed to reclaim.