Who am I?

The Founder & Owner of The Truffle Box.



I was born & raised in a smallish town 4 hours North of Toronto Canada; Surrounded by the Wild Woods & Lakes.

I have little tolerance for ignorance, high standards for love and a COLOSSAL Aversion to boxes.

Thanks in large part to my aforementioned "Personality Flaws", I've learned how to feel safe being Authentic, HOW to choose LOVE & Lovingly Let GO, and how to Listen to my Guts EVEN when what I "hear" fucking terrifies me.

I've been a Clinical Hypnotherapist for well over a decade.

I'm up for a challenge if it means someone's life could be better, & I miss my dog Tyson who died moons ago - Every Day.



My Growth Game's STRONG 


I fuck up, grow, get scared, get hurt, get Help, and TREASURE LOVE above all else

Something I hear a lot and I hate is "but I'm not Brave like you"


I'm no unicorn. I'm SUPER sensitive & and feel emotion INTENSELY.

As a child, I honestly thought I was from a different planet or race altogether and that for certain, I was NOT made to survive in a world were people seemed to turn a blind eye to cruelty & suffering.

I couldn't handle the pain of others and couldn't bridge the gap in my mind between Love & Darkness. Even though I was a Happy Go Lucky kid, seeing pain in a living creature tortured me inside.

As I grew, my childhood overflowed with laughter, friends & growing Wild but still, I saw love abandoned - A lot. Too much.

I saw cowardice, fear, ignorance and trauma take over what could've been a beautiful kind of humanity.

My response as a child was to form a Persistence & Courage that would keep me in the ring with love even when loving got hard. 


& let's be honest, Love can get Real Fucking hard.


My BRAVERY's a CHOICE to stay with LOVE.


I Am

...a hopeless Romantic, dangerously FULL of Fire, ALL about naked Kitchen Dancing & singing unabashedly to any music that gives voice to my current mood.


I've got an overload of my own issues, have a magical knack for getting at the truth, eat a substantial amount of Ben & Jerry's ice cream and crave safe loving spiritual connection just like most other warm blooded animals.


I believe in the magic of the ordinary &...


sometimes I wanna give up and hide in the fairy forest of my childhood imagination.

I moved away from home when I was 19, have had 3 long term relationships, lived in 3 different countries & explored different careers till I found what I LOVE - THIS.

I'm bonkers about happiness & authenticity, fiercely persistent in love and shamelessly feel & act anything but my age multiple times a day. 

Life's blessed me with many lifetime's worth of beauty & bliss AND smashed me to my KNEES from babe & fertility loss. Still - I fought HARD and kept my Heart OPEN.

The more I Trust Time AND Trust My SELF, the more unwavering my belief that having a sense of Magic in our lives is EVERYTHING.

I'm UNDENIABLE proof that traditional rules need to be broken.


I Believe, Like Pinocchio, We All Just Wanna Be REAL

Brave. Truthful. Unselfish


I've had hundreds of bums in my Hypno chair.


I've treated famous people, homeless humans, pro-athletes, stay at home parents to Lords, billionaires, and the awesome sauce neighbour next door.


I've seen firsthand that we're all just innocent little kids inside. We wanna be acknowledged for our unique perfection, supported in embracing ALL that we are, & TRUSTED to handle our OWN humanity.



We want our Beautiful Wild to be Seen, Protected, Cherished & Valued.

From beginning to end, life's a Wonderland - OWN it.

I live to Dream Awake & continue to unravel the Beauty of my Spirit.

I'm in This to PLAY!

I'm here to dish out and show that being human can be AMAZING.

Via our FREE treasures, paid online training and anything else we offer here at The Truffle Box - we're in this to make a difference - To help YOU build a life that Deeply SATISFIES.

Whether you're just starting out on an inward journey of healing or looking to make the next BIG change in you're life we're here to HELP!

Seriously! Even if things have gone horribly wrong you can still have your cake & EAT it TOO!

Magic's a CHOICE. Need proof? Click here. READ.

Yup. This is a business.

Yes. We sell things.

We’re also deeply proud to earn a living doing so. We've worked hard long hours to learn how to build a business that's got guts AND heart (not to mention years of time, money and commitment honing our medicine & skill).

We've taken our time growing so we could ensure not only are our clients/customers truly served but that in this process our needs are met too.

We at The Truffle Box freely share our gifts & learning in life as much as we can - and do whatever it takes to stay true to ourselves and our values.

Speaking for MySelf...

I've travelled the world, survived heartbreak & fertility loss, built a rock solid understanding of relationships, and live my dream. My life has stormy seas AND rainbows.

I know transformation from the inside out. I'm real like you - perfect in my imperfection and at times I NEED a rescue.

If you're at a place in your life where our company and team can help, then let this be the beginning of our Relationship.

The best way to start from here is to enter your name and e-mail down below. Acquaint yourself with our Offerings Of Love.

It's a group of hacks, hypnosis and love to get you well on your way to happy happy joy joy ..or your own version of what's next for you.

I also host a group for change-makers, work closely with personal clients and prioritize staring into the stars for far longer than any business person would deem wise.

What I'm saying is, I spend as much time offline as humanly possible.

I’m not hyper active on social, but what I do put out I do because I believe in the Power of it.

If we stay connected, you'll hear from me if it's congruent to our mission of Upping the Magic in our world.

Other than that, if you sign up for our "Offerings Of Love", the FREE gift below, USE them!

Make life your Wonderland!

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I'm glad you came to visit. I’m thrilled we’re connected and look forward to seeing you shine as you journey ahead. With Love, J

Professional Info

In my mid twenties I began a journey to become a Midwife & certified as a Birth Doula to get a start in the birth field. During that epically magical period of my life I ended up in Australia, where I began a hands on study of a highly intelligent system called Permaculture.

I began learning about and how to affect the complex relationship between humans & nature. With that new world I dove deeper and completed a Design Certification in England with the U.K Permaculture Association.

While living in England (moved there to be with an English boy I fell in love with while travelling Australia), I be-friended a former SAS (2nd world war) personnel turned police chief, turned Clinical Hypnotherapist and thus began my obsession with Hypnosis.

I got insight to a fascinating world of choice and change and got hooked. I arrived home to Canada and switched my professional efforts from midwifery to a career in Hypnotherapy.

Hacking the mind, healing traumas and increasing mojo - I was ALL in (still am).

I found the entranceway to my calling.

Hypnotherapy's a proven, efficient, and super comforting form of healing physical ailments & emotional pain. It's also extremely efficient at building qualities we need to show up and lead in our lives.

Using the brain & body to get access to and freedom for our true selves sets us up to succeed with a fulfilled heart in any leadership role, business & financial success - especially creative endeavours.

A Hypnotherapy session can seem and feel magical, yet the results we experience are the effects of nature's laws. Work with nature, honor the mystery AND what the heart wants - epic results.

I've used Hypnosis for myself to work through grief (relationship & physical death), self discovery, to develop my capacity as an entrepreneur, building boundaries, confidence & self-esteem, moving myself through subtle emotions like frustration or impatience, tapping into my creativity, ending food addictions, turning a taxing relationship into a fulfilling marriage, healing my body after surgeries, keeping myself alive through an ectopic pregnancy, spiritual work, etc.

Hypnosis is one of the many great tools out there for desired growth. It's my favourite - gentle, direct & lasting.

I've studied some great philosophies of healing and've incorporated what I saw as the most valuable into my work. At the end of the day - it's for all of us to find our own unique medicine, or gift if you will.

I've worked with a  mentor in archetypal psychology & imaginative therapy for over three intense, rewarding years to weave my skills together and understand my own medicine.

My intention for mastering my craft was and is to show we have access & authority over our dreams and to realize with confidence – Happy Endings do exist.

I do all my work with a holistic mindset because it's the fastest way to make big leaps in all areas of life both for you & your loved ones. 

I've been working in the field of Hypnotherapy for 13 years.

My Work's a Reflection of Who I Am. Read About it HERE

""Jamie insightfully (like a ninja) encourages you to discover and settle into who and what you are. She uses her super strategic thinking mind to gently help you make a life that actually reflects the real you in all your glory (she makes people feel safe). It's like she has this secret language with the body - and she uses it to help you master your mojo and keep growing toward the light of whatever your happy place is (the gift that keeps on giving). She's kind, nurturing, silly, and damn smart, which I must brag, has helped a lot of people get and stay empowered. For the record, I like her, a lot." "

Brady Patterson a.k.a Lover of the Husband kind
COO Success Road Academy

One last Love Note since you've read this far


It's ok to desire what You Desire.

It's ok to PRIORITIZE True Love & ending your days going to sleep Deeply Satisfied.



You CAN.






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