For Being Alive

Whether you're dealing with change you didn't want or ask for, tippy-toeing into the great unknown ready to transform, or are already in the enchanted forest of Becoming - facing off dragon's and having tea with wizards, our Soul Apothecary is full to the brim with the soulful magic needed to live happily ever after. Enjoy shopping our Soul Apothecary. 

Possibility Anchors

Potent Charms for every magic power you could wish for.

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Hypnotic Enchantments

Weave yourself into existence with our luscious spells. BECOME.

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Magic Keys 

4 doors to 4 journeys. Discover & tend to your Secret Garden. 

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Beautiful bare bones honesty about being human

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Direct Counsel

Work with the founder of this body-of-work.



Everyday actions for smiles, calm bellies & flow. 

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The Beauty of Being Human

Sometimes I find all it takes to lift someone's spirits is to know there's still people out there dedicated to the deliciousness of heart & soul who live to untangle the webs & master the labyrinth - then Share The Way. Welcome to The Truffle Box.