Human is My Spirit Animal™

I Believe, like Pinocchio, we all just wanna be REAL.

Brave. Truthful. Unselfish.


I've had hundreds of bums in my Hypno chair.


I've treated famous people, homeless humans, pro-athletes to kiddos, stay-at-home parents to Lords & billionaires, big-time entrepreneurs, C-suite execs & professionals & of course most importantly, the neighbor next door. I've seen firsthand we're all still part kid inside.

We wanna be acknowledged for our unique perfection, supported in embracing ALL that we are, & TRUSTED to handle our OWN humanity.


We want our Beautiful Wild to be Seen, Protected, Cherished & Valued.


HUNT your pain.

Or it will haunt you. 

Jamie Sullivan

"The seeds we plant within & nurture for ourselves, we plant also for those we love. The garden of my soul's sometimes wild. At times picked clean & empty. So I pause. I breath. I ask my garden what next I need & listen. Then tend again, sometimes stopping to marvel at the wonder of this all."

Jamie Sullivan 

A girl

Sensitive. Innocent. Playful. 

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A woman

Passionate. Nurturing. Real.

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An enchantress

Wise. Careful. Skilled.

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Slow's fast when it comes to Magic.


Wanna drift away into LaLa Land & come back feeling grounded, centred & calm? Me too. Below are the rules lovebug. It's made by me so you can trust that's it's FULL of love. Injoy. ox Jamie


The RULE is No driving while using hypnosis.

By downloading &/or playing this you assume responsibility for your own safety.

At the end of the audio, you'll be guided fully back into your day. 

Pause father time to enjoy this hypnosis audio. It's 40 delicious minutes long.

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