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Understand True Love

"Moons ago I suffered the loss of a dream.

I lost a babe in utero and with that, my fertility. It was the hardest thing I'd had to face up to that point in my life. "The Surrender Story" is how I faced it, the sorrow, the uncertainty, and the choice to keep my heart open.

May my story remind you  - no matter what, happiness is a choice."  Jamie

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"Jamie. Holy F-%k. What you do is incredible. I always leave our sessions feeling happy and hopeful, and walk all the way home with a huge grin on my face. Thank you for guiding me through this life-changing process. You're amazing."

Personal Trainer

"I find it hard to put into words just how incredible Jamie is and what she's meant in my life. I've never met a woman more passionate about her mission to help & change the lives of others in this world. I first met Jamie when I was in a difficult place in my life. I suffered from anxiety, had fears & doubts about my career and marriage, there were issues I was struggling to deal with from my childhood and my husband and I had been trying to conceive for about a year and a half with no luck. I had my first session with Jamie for hypnotherapy and wasn’t sure what to expect. I'd been doing traditional therapy for years and had tried many different avenues to work through my issues. I had incredible awareness about all of my “issues” and in any therapy session I had, I was able to tell the therapists exactly where each issue had come from and how it manifested in my daily life. I could talk for hours about everything I knew about myself but when it came to actually being able to make a change, I really struggled to find the “how”. Therapy kept me in my head and I knew I needed to get out of it for change to happen. My first 10 minutes with Jamie just talking about my life and what I was feeling, I felt so incredibly safe, understood & known and I really connected with Jamie’s energy. She's deeply intuitive, open & connected and she was somehow able to read my energy in a way that no one else has. She has a unique way of reading you through subtle body cues & behaviour and she’s so sharp you don’t have to over explain anything, she just immediately gets you. It’s hard to explain how Jamie works as I had my own unique experience with her and I believe she just instinctively knows what each individual needs. Through hypnosis, discussion, visualizations & other exercises and tools, Jamie helped me to go deep into my psyche and into my body to find & nurture all of these fears and anxieties. Trauma gets trapped in our bodies and each of us is capable of healing ourselves wether it be physical ailments or emotional traumas. Jamie is the force that helps you get there. I got so much out of working with Jamie and she really shifted my perspective on so many levels. I delivered a beautiful baby girl in January & Jamie was right there to help me through that experience. She brought me peace through my last trimester anxiety and she was there on call for me during my long labor and helped me through the toughest stage just hours before I delivered my baby. I have also never been happier in my marriage & have embraced motherhood like a warrior. Jamie's amazing. If you want your life to be better & want someone by your side to help you through it, Jamie's your girl. I know she's worked with some powerful people & well known individuals in the public eye who don’t necessarily want to advertise that they were in any type of therapy. Jamie respects the privacy of her clients so she doesn’t push for testimonials but I wanted to write this for her to share my experience because every woman could use a little Jamie in her life. I am in film & television actress and a singer-songwriter and am very much in the public eye but I have no shame admitting that I am working on myself. I don’t see it as a sign of weakness but as a sign of strength and power. And so, I will shout from the rooftops that Jamie helped me, as I wish for any woman needing change in her life to share in this experience. Jamie is an incredible light in this world and I feel so grateful to have met her. If you are seeking change and feeling brave enough to go after it, you will find no better guide to walk beside you on your path to happiness. "

Miranda Frigon
Actress/Singer Songwriter