Is like a warm summer breeze gently erasing old cobwebs from your eyes. It's like your favourite animal nuzzling into your chest. Hypnosis is like a sweet as nectar forest fairy lovingly planting fresh seeds in the rich welcome soil of your mind. Hypnosis mixed merrily with the lusciousness of Jamie Sullivan's LOVE, and the quality of her skill - MAGIC.

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We Heal Together

Imagine that in you is both this man & woman. That you choosing you is a daily affair - A daily devotion to yourself in this wild & spiritual experience of living. Imagine that even when the oceans of tears come from tragic endings & intensely love filled beginnings, that somehow you're capable of this all. For days that you're not, for days that you need extra care and extra sweetness - on those days you have The Truffle Box.

"Jamie's energy, kindness & no nonsense helped me to open my eyes to the beauty of me that was always there. It's almost like she let's you borrow her strong will & confidence until you can find yours again. I will be forever grateful for Jamie & her huge heart"

-Lisa Popove


Sacred Protection for the Sensitive Soul. The world needs your feeling heart. Thrive child. This will help you.

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The journey of weaving a dream can be treacherous. Let us gift you with grace, trust & patience. You matter.

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Power used for good's like the sun unfurling a blossom. Clean, focused energy spreads good vibes. Enjoy.

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Need to channel a hula hooping kid signing a made up song loudly as though the whole world was on their side? This is that.

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Because Everyone Deserves Free Love

The RULE's NO Driving while using hypnosis.

By downloading and/or playing this you assume responsibility for your own safety.

Pause father time to enjoy this hypnosis audio. It's 40 darling minutes long.

BodyZen Relaxation Audio