Dream Awake

Unravel the illusion. Find your Magic

My life was enchanted. Then I cracked into a billion starry pieces.

Advice on offer:

"Live knowing you're a Lighthouse in a world wild with mystery. Life IS a fairy tale, & in time we'll all be called to our Heroine's Journey. No matter what, choose LOVE"

"The Surrender Story's" my heroin's journey. It's a story made of dreams lost & glory found woven from my blood. I post it here as chapters form.

My dream was made of babies, laughter & growing wild. I lost it. But in the dark sharp weeping pain, with courage, obsession & LOVE - I found, well, everything. 

You'll find chapters under the rose petals below.

May the bare bone words I share give you Hope, Heart & Courage.



I show my soul. It's terrifying. I do it anyways because to me, our humanity is beautiful.


You'll see my confidence. But you'll also see my vulnerable kid just trying to find her way.


I have a soft shell made of petals & warm summer's wind but, I'm also wild & fierce.

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The Surrender Story as is can be found below these rose petals. xo Jamie


Down I Go - Chapter 1

A Boy Meets A Girl - Chapter 2

Lord Have Mercy - Chapter 3

Angels In The Darkness - Chapter 4

A Chapter Laid To Rest - Chapter 5

Rise UP - Chapter 6

The Rescue - Chapter 7

Moon Medicine - Chapter 8

Ch. #9 Too Strong. Too Scared

Ch. #10 Because Of Love

Ch. #11 Sun & Shadows

Ch. #12 Owning My Magic