The Surrender Story

Magic Unravelled.

Listen. My life was enchanted. Then I cracked - into a trillion irreparable pieces.

Here's my advice for you no matter the grace, scars or irreparable fractures:

"Live knowing you're a Lighthouse in a world wild with mystery. Life IS a fairy tale, and in time we'll all be called to our Heroine's Journey. At all costs, stay with Love"

"The Surrender Story's" my heroin's journey. It's a raw & evocative book I'm in the midst of finishing. I wrote it because I have a rare perspective of being both a powerful & experienced medicine woman AND the broken one.

I didn't want to write it. I didn't want to share it. I did & am because it needs to be shared. You'll find chapters under the rose petals below.

This page is for words. May all of mine, filled with bare bone honesty, give you Hope, Heart & Courage."



I show my soul. It's vulnerable. I do it anyways cause I think who & what we are is beautiful.


You'll see my confidence. But you'll also see my awkward little kid just trying to find her way.


I have a soft shell made of petals & warm summer's wind but, I'm also wild & fierce.

"Human is My Spirit Animal™"

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The Surrender Story as is can be found below these rose petals. xo Jamie


Down I Go - Chapter 1

A Boy Meets A Girl - Chapter 2

Lord Have Mercy - Chapter 3

Angels In The Darkness - Chapter 4

A Chapter Laid To Rest - Chapter 5

Rise UP - Chapter 6

The Rescue - Chapter 7

Moon Medicine - Chapter 8

Ch. #9 Too Strong. Too Scared

Ch. #10 Because Of Love

Ch. #11 Sun & Shadows

Ch. #12 Owning My Magic