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Real shares from real people. Below you'll find all sorts & sizes of personal shares about what the "Happy Endings Journey", The Truffle Box's signature course, was like for people just like You.

Our courses are crafted to be personal to YOU and as such, you'll notice a wide array of vibes, wins & advice. Listen in & judge our magic for yourself.

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"What if you Could have it All?"


What if you're meant to Sparkle?


"What if Trust was Easy?"


"What if you accepted the Quest?"


"What if fear was the doorway to your Dreams?"


 "What if you were born with Magic?"


"What if you Could?"


"What if you're Inner kid's waiting for YOU?"


"What if Power is Love?"

Every journey's one-of-a-kind? What will yours be like? 

Joanna Ferris


I found love. For myself.

Josh Labaki

Assistant Professor at the University Campinas
As an abnormally skeptical engineering scholar who’s had little success with conventional therapy, I am normally hesitant to try anything new. I also struggle to relinquish control of anything, let alone my mind. But rooted in theory from years of research and clinical practice, Jamie brings her own playful magic to the process of self-discovery that, while unconventional and fun, is also profound and practical to my daily life. Throughout the process, I felt immensely trustful when leaving my messy mind in her skillful care, and I felt listened to and cared for. At the end, I was able to resolve dormant grief issues, reduce my relationship anxiety, and finally open up to accept love and care from people around me.

Pamela Belanger

Shaman, Social Worker

Happy Endings showed me how to find the shortcuts into the hard-to-find places inside myself - the places I somehow hear and feel calling out to me; The places I've poured my blood, sweat, and tears trying so hard and so long to get into; The places where the broken pieces of me hide and wait to be seen and brought back into the light; The places where I know if I could just get to, I would finally feel better.

For me, Happy Endings is exactly that.

Dave Loncaric

CFP, CLU, Certified Financial Advisor

Jamie's a healer and coach like no other. Her course Happy Endings is the perfect journey to help you get clear on what you want out of life and what it is that’s preventing you from getting there. Jamie’s methods help you navigate the deep neural pathways of your brain and she doesn’t let you leave any stones unturned, you will find what you’re looking for. You’ll leave Happy Endings with a set of tools to help you battle all of life’s roadblocks. I’ve hired coaches, done self-help seminars, and visited performance psychologists, Jamie is all of them and more with a lot of love the whole journey through.

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