Imagination, Biology & Engineering Brought Together to Create

The Wonderland Protocol™. 


The Wonderland Protocol™

By Jamie Sullivan


A Personal Transformation & Healing Methodology that feels like Magic, works like Magic, and acts like Magic - but isn't (or is it?). 

Screw the professional speak, gimme the magic

A Fairy-Tale-Like System for Healing & Becoming.

First & foremost, this Protocol is a system for Transforming lives that believes in spirit, centers around the beating heart, and has compassion for our nature.

The Wonderland Protocol’s a system for transforming our lives that mimics the dynamic nature of life itself. By mimicking nature and employing science and mystery in controlled but gentle ways, efficient and permanent mental/emotional change is enabled that’s not only incredibly intelligent in its function but adds elements of play and curiosity to the process of transformation. This makes healing and growth as kind and indulgent as it is practical and results-oriented.

By employing the imagination to get the most from the unconscious mind safely, and by grounding a person’s journey with storytelling, the Protocol leverages a creative mix of science and art to create holistic, meaningful, and permanent transformation that’s as enjoyable as it is serious.

The Wonderland Protocol's a complex sequence of exercises, configured as a journey, implored to initiate 5 fundamental things:

  • Healing of both conscious and unconscious simple traumas.
  • The closing of unfinished developmental cycles from childhood.
  • Unapologetic ownership of self.
  • The resilience & capacity to effectively achieve goals
  • The healing and honing of instinct and intuition (the authentic self)

As a function of growth, The Protocol, when experienced to completion, deepens one’s understanding of themselves spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically and creates a living system (a.k.a a human) that naturally flourishes. Thus improving one’s sense of joy, peace, and calm, stable empowerment.

Invented by Jamie Sullivan over years of research, meditation, and clinical practice, this Protocol is stitched into all of Sullivan’s work like wind on summer air, and respectfully mirrors the complexities of us, as living beings. Not only is the Wonderland Protocol a result of an astute professional career and thousands of hours of experimentation, but also a culmination of Sullivan’s own healing journey from the beauty and tragedies of life.

This Protocol has 5 Ingredients.

(one of them is Jamie)

Possibility Anchors™

The brain can replicate what it can vividly imagine. So we leverage biological law to create lighthouses in the neural network that act as guideposts for what is possible - an instruction manual for how to navigate healing, growth, and experiential blindness.

Web Effect™

Long-haul strategy bound with holistic thinking provides results with ease, efficiency, and comfort. The Web-Effect™ piggy backs off the general rule that everything touches everything and when it comes to neurology and simply being alive, there's no truer truth.

Vulnerability Bypass

We acknowledge the physiological cost of creating change by addressing issues using the least amount of body budget, therefore actually building tolerance for vulnerability more quickly & expanding a person's psychological resilience by adding "happy hormones" to the normally stressful endeavor of making change.

The Untouchables™

Entertaining, play-based healing makes transformation stealthy & permanent. By considering all reasons people avoid what they need and truly desire, we're able to avoid intolerable discomfort so the real problem is addressed and effectively resolved in a way that honors the individual soul and strengthens the body.

"I leveraged my engineering mindset to mimic our biology and spent 8 years obsessed until I created a Transformation Machine. For it to be simple for a non-professional I needed tools. Something easy and effective others could use on their own to create neural change. I came up with the "Possibility Spell™" -  a swiss army knife for the mind.

As a Protocol, not only does my work deliver clinically worthy results but it's kind on the body, gentle on the soul & actually satisfying."

Jamie Sullivan

In A Nutshell

Below you'll find straight-talk descriptions of each of the 4 Journeys that make up the Wonderland Protocol.

  1. Happy Endings

  2. ONE.

  3. Spark

  4. The Carnival 

(1) Happy Endings

Get clarity on what you actually want. This matters for a few reasons: Cause most people either don’t know what they want or, go after what they think they want, only to find out after time and resources were spent that they were wrong. To add to this misfortune, what you think you want is often a projection of your wounding patterns and your lack of capacity to feel. This creates confusion and illusions about what you think you want. What you think you want is actually a projection of where you’re at mentally, emotionally and unconsciously. It’s a projection of your wounds, ego, patterns, and lack of capacity or neurological ability to be truthful with yourself and others.

>You get more capacity to feel ALL emotions (and comfortably).

Why does this matter?

Because limiting any emotion inhibits your body's ability to process all emotions. The complex chemical and neurological world of emotions are very interconnected and simply cannot be separated.

*You also get to heal wounds that would otherwise divert or detour you, so that you can access and have what you actually want. So you can go from point A to point B without zigzagging through to z and then getting lost.

Happy Endings helps you start healing your wounding patterns, start building your capacity to more fully access your feeling function so you can know and understand what you subconsciously want, and, provides you with the sense of safety and comfort to wholeheartedly go after it.

(2) ONE.

ONE. is a journey to heal the Amulet. It’s a Quest to make the Amulet, the sacred everything that together makes “You” - whole again. It's a journey to rescue your inner super-heroes and a Quest to reclaim your natural superpowers.

You’ll Access parts of yourself that you’ve disassociated from and hold harmful beliefs about. You’ll gain access to parts of yourself that you repress. The parts of you that are essential to your goals and dreams. 

The above matters because the parts you’re repressing the most are linked fundamentally to the clarity you got in Happy Endings - what it is you truly want and need. What you want & need requires the version of you that is absolute. This is what we do in ONE.

We deal with the unconscious obstructions that keep you from being who you are and living a life that truly reflects your heart & soul. This journey speaks to the very real experience of not being able to be your whole (holy) self. 

The integrations made in ONE. are keys to opening your Happy Endings doors.

ONE. is like a secret garden - a discreet, innocent, and safe way to discover and set free who you really are.

(3) Spark

So then who are you really? Or more accurately, who were you (A.K.A inner child)? Or maybe more like “mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the realest of them all?”

In Spark, we go within to rediscover the essence of you.

In ONE., we look in the magic mirror for our lost and hidden superpowers, for our forbidden or buried parts but in Spark you’re looking in the mirror and seeing glimmers of your true self.

Spark is about sacred reflections & helpful remembering.

As a consequence of life, we ALL end up with dissociated parts of ourselves and that’s what ONE. focuses on. ONE. answers the question “who are you because of the dissociations” and then brings those fractured lost parts of you home. In Spark, however, we get to discover the answer to “who were you BEFORE the dissociation?” 

In ONE. you go back for the lost parts of yourself. In Spark, you go back for the little kid - YOU.

Because, If you never dissociated who would you be? A pirate captain, Interior Designer, a wild Fox Boy protecting the woods, a Witchy Woman, or a Lizard Queen? Maybe a president or deep-sea diver, a Doctor whose research discovers cures, or a Vigilante like Batman. Who would you be?

As a kid, we have to follow someone else’s beliefs, rules, and even fears. We develop who we are and cannot be from these experiences. Spark beautifully changes time by turning back and resolving one key problem - that as kids, most of us didn’t get enough of a choice in who we would become. 

The consequence is that we naively eat the apple offered to us by the evil queen, like in Snow White. Often times we eat the apple because it’s the only thing on offer.

An unconscious person breeds malevolence through innocence. So many lies and illusions swim through our unconscious and rule our behaviors and actions. Without examination, these lies and illusions bleed through our well-intentioned hearts and into the minds of our children. Spark’s about innocence and seeing straight, for some, for the first time. 

The main lesson of Spark is that, like original sin, there too is the original trauma. In early childhood, we need secure attachment and to experience co-regulation. Without these fundamental experiences, a child is unintentionally forced into posturing and pretending just to get by. We lose our sense of who we are - Our authentic selves. This is the Original Trauma™

Spark addresses the ultimate trauma - having to pretend that what’s true isn’t.

You abandon yourself in an effort to protect yourself from floating anchorless in the world. Spark's the pursuit and reunion of your authentic self.

(4) The Carnival

The Carnival Journey can only be undertaken once the adventurer has successfully completed all three previous Journeys. 

This Journey addresses the uncomfortable reality that acting on some of the things that come from deep within our knowing are almost impossible without guidance. In this, our final chapter of The Wonderland Protocol™, we help you build the strength and understanding it inevitably takes for you to make the hard choices. 

But, once you get there, it's a choose-your-own-adventure kinda deal. We place a keen awareness on choice as the grand finale of this adventure.

The Carnival was woven to help the adventurer recognize and shake out the hard-to-get parts of ourselves; the sneaky, the wise, the clever - in order to gain an unabashedly clear perspective of what our lives are about. If you can admit where you are - you can admit what you have to face. That's the missing key to being the Captain of your Soul.

You think you're making choices, being the lead role in your life but, most of the time unconscious managing techniques are being used to get you through life. The bs your brain feeds you is leading - not you. Going to The Carnival will change that.

The Carnival is a no-shame game, an unapologetic play at honesty that exists to push you in the direction of your dreams.

No one else can go to the carnival for you. No one else can feel the joy, the terror, or the excitement for you. It's you that has to choose, and it's you that has to act.

That also means that at the end of days, and we'll all have one - it is YOU who will feel the satisfaction, peace, and joy of a fully-lived life. YOU.

HOW you spend your day at "The Carnival" is the single biggest denominator in a Happy Ending. 

It's Begins with a Happy Ending

A Living Protocol

One of the most important features of this Protocol is that it allows the systems of the body to learn the patterns of homeostasis and teaches the mind how and why to choose differently in the future. It was literally constructed to empower & educate the customer as they transform. This way, we're setting them up to, one day, be confidently and comfortably in charge of their own development and healing.

"No, I'm not a Doctor. I Engineer Minds."


"I see our bodies like a beautiful grandfather clock - part of the whole of a great and beautiful Clock Tower.

Picture this - an olden day village, in the center of the town sits a great tall clock tower. It holds the rhythms of time with its bell-ringing and tick-tick ticking, stands steady and calming on the earth, and provides a soothing symbol of life, death, and continuation to the people of the village.

The clock tower needs a Keeper. A keeper’s job is to maintain the clock tower's structural integrity, to understand that it too has a life essence of its own, and to pass down the wisdom of the clock for generations to come. To do this the keeper must understand the materials that the clock is built from and the nature of not only the materials but how the materials work together.

Tho this clock tower is timeless, like all living things, it needs help. It needs materials outside of itself for its flesh. Materials like wood and metal, thought, attention and care. It comes from the earth and must abide by natural law as any living being must. But, as in all things that exist in life, the nature of that law is dependent upon the nature of the living thing. 

The clock tower possesses, almost as if by magic, lessons from the past and guidance for the future. It floats in hushed silence between the ever-present moment and the past and future.

Like in any village, where you’ll find a baker and a metal smith, a healer, the toymaker, hunters, farmers, and builders - you’ll also find the keeper of the clock. The keeper is the tinkerer - the human in the village born into this world with a calling for the clock. 

You are the clock tower, and I am a Keeper. 

I’ve spent my life observing. Seasons have come & gone and as they have - I’ve explored and experimented to find answers to the unending questions about us as humans that have sprouted from my mind since I was a child.  

Like in the great Clock Tower of our story, our bodies are also bound by natural law yet somehow also outside of time too. The body, like the clock, has many materials that make it up, many parts that work together to form the whole, and needs constant care and attention in order to perform its purpose - to maintain flawless mechanical perfection in hopes of allowing you to experience the gift of expressing the fullness and uniqueness of YOU. 

Now let’s be real here, flawless perfection is an ideal of course, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t strive for perfection in our tending and care of ourselves as perfection only means, quite simply, to be complete. 

The body (including mind), is a cosmos unto itself, related in its entirety to every other cosmos out there. Just like the grandfather clock in the old Clock Tower is connected to the village.

Everything touches everything (which includes what we call emotions & memory AND the present and the past), and to attempt to fix any part of the body without considering this, in my opinion, is foolish. 

This is how I navigate not only the minds and bodies of clients but my own as well. I also focused on learning how to create permanent results that emphasized kindness, comfort, and love. This was the rabbit hole in which, YEARS later, I landed on The Wonderland Protocol.

The Wonderland Protocol is a system for caring for our lives, by respectfully addressing and honoring the body (especially the mind) that mimics the living ecosystems of the bodies and natural environments in which we have grown and continue to live in." Jamie Sullivan


What's the Actual Journey Like?


Some of the things you may experience but not know while working through the Wonderland Protocol™️: 

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, inner child work, Jungian analysis, permaculture, engineering, spiritual technology, death work, shamanism, energy work, mechanics, reiki, somatic work, life strategy, alchemy, benevolent trickery, NLP, waking hypnosis,  illusionism.

Appalled? Let me tell you why these aspects are important in creating a safe, gentle and effective transformation.  Because it takes kind, patient, and loving distractions from negatively perceived unconscious and conscious consequences to keep our bodies safe enough to change their neurology. In other words, here are 5 reasons that the above tactics imply love, integrity, respect, and mastery of skill:

  1. Sometimes there's not enough bravery or strength to change.

  2. There can be simply a lack of the biological energy it takes to change.

  3. Sometimes our neurology is so damn tangled that the only option is benevolent manipulation.

  4. There are times when the brain is literally blind to what is possible and therefore prevents a person from taking even a step forward as there is no step forward as far as the body can tell.
  5. And finally, sometimes we aren’t capable of admitting, acknowledging, or owning aspects of ourselves so they remain hidden by our psyche and Untouchable by us or anyone else.

We Get One Life 

Make the most of it.

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We get One Life...

Live it in a way that's meaningful to YOU.

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